WRCC Youth group


The WRCC Youth operate with the following mission:
"We exist to praise God with our lives, serve each other,
share with the world that we belong to Christ and will grow in God's family."

For more info on youth ministry at WRCC, contact Carolyn Brednich or Jeff Dye.

6th-12th GRADERS

  • Sunday Mornings - 10am Class

    During February & March, the guys are focusing on worship, and their place as they grow.

    The girls are studying the book “Jesus & Women – Teen Group,” taking a look at several of Jesus’s interactions with women in the Bible.

  • Sunday Evenings, 6-8PM

    Each Sunday evening, we share in a meal at 6pm, and then come together for an interactive study of key biblical truths. Through March, we will be talking about "The Big Story." We'll consider our story, God's story, and how it all fits together.

  • Wednesday evenings, 6-8pm

    Youth are invited to join us for Bible trivia, a devotional, and fun. Prizes available!