WRCC Youth group


The WRCC Youth operate with the following mission:
"We exist to praise God with our lives, serve each other,
share with the world that we belong to Christ and will grow in God's family."

Class offerings

  • Sunday AM - Middle School Class

    From January - March, Dani Lira and Craig Thomas will be teaching the Story of Joeseph and experiencing the redemption God through the constant theme of, "what man intended for evil, God intended for Good." 

    - Genesis 50:20

    Bring those Bibles!

  • Sunday AM - 9th-10th Grade Class

    From January - March, Jerry Crosby and Eric Huber are teaching the letter of Paul, Galatians. A  Louisville Judge and aSchool Principle bring their perspectives tougher to teach the themes of grace and the supremacy of Jesus in this class. 


    Bring those Bibles!

  • Sunday AM - 11th-12th Grade Class

    From January - March, Craig Thomas and Rick Hughes will be teaching the wisdom literature of Proverbs and teach how the Wisdom rooting from the Fear of The Lord is applicable to everyday life. 

    Bring those Bibles!

  • Pure Living - Wednesday PM - Juniors and Seniors

    This Class is every other week and goes over the basic principles of what Purity truly means. This is a level of Purity not just in a sexual sense but a pureness of life in all aspects, such as: Pureness of Heart, Spirit, Mind, Health, and all relationships including with Parents, Siblings, Friends, Strangers and also Romantic. Purity is a way of living that is cultivated, and this class lays the groundwork for the growing process to begin. 

  • Twilight Studies - Sunday Nights

    A meal is provided at 6:00 PM and the study starts roughly around 6:45 PM. In this study we watch a Twilight Zone episode that have strong spiritual undertones to grow closer to God and learn more about our Lord from everyday cultures. There will be times we take breaks from the Twilight Zones to look into Pop culture and where God is visible;e and His presence is seen in our everyday world.