The Whirlpool

The Whirlpool is the name of the youth group,
which serves families with students in 6th-12th grade.


The Whirlpool operates with the following mission:
"We exist to praise God with our lives, serve each other,
share with the world that we belong to Christ and will grow in God's family."

Class offerings

In the Whirlpool we believe that it is important to grow in your faith.
There are regularly scheduled classes on Sunday mornings at 10 am

and Wednesday evenings at 7 pm that allow the youth to explore their faith through the Bible as well as

through lessons focused on the day-to-day aspect of life.

  • Sunday a.m. 6th-7th Grade Class

    For Fall 2017, you're studying the Gospel of Mark. 
    Bring those Bibles!

  • Sunday a.m. 8th-9th Grade Class

    For Fall 2017, you're studying Crazy Love by Francis Chan.
    Read those books!

  • Sunday a.m. 10th-11th Grade Class

    For Fall 2017, you're studying Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.
    Read those books!

  • Sunday a.m. 12th Grade: Seniors

    Youth are welcome to attend ANY of the current class offerings, as well as the opportunity for adult class attendance OR a leadership role in a class. Talk to Patrick if you want to explore options.

  • Wednesday p.m. Combined Class

    For Summer 2017, the Whirlpool is asking the question "Why Faith?"