small group opportunities

Share groups at WRCC are an important way to get connected, to grow, & to serve with others. The following groups are open and ready for new members. Contact Jeff Dye for more info.

Sunday groups

Parenting group, 6-8pm. Led by Erin & Dave Peirce. Meets at the church building, Oct 9-Nov 20.

Super Six study (key passages in the Bible), 6-7:30pm. Led by Jeff Dye. Meets in Forest Springs area, Oct 9-Nov 20.

Women's study (Gospel of Mark), 10am. Led by a team of women. Meets in F102 each Sunday morning.

Men's discussion group (Super Six study), 10am. Led by Ken Kling & Bubba Colquett. Meets in the prayer room each Sunday morning.

Young adult study (Book of Acts), 10am. Led by Hunter Funk. Meets in the upstairs library each Sunday morning.

Women's group (letters of Paul), 3-5pm. Led by Gwen Walters. Meets in F102 each Sunday afternoon.

Groups during the week

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing (I John), Wednesdays, 7-8pm. Led by Arnis Pape. Meets in F103, Oct 12-Nov 9.

Super Six study (key passages in the Bible), Wednesdays, 7-8pm. Led by Jeff Dye. Meets in F102, Oct 12-Nov 9.

Zoom discussion & prayer group, Thursdays, 7-8am. Led by Roger Coffman. Meets each week on Zoom. Contact Roger Coffman for more info.

Men's discussion group, Fridays, 6:30-7:30am. Rotating leadership. Meets in the church lobby each week.


We also have 3 Sunday morning studies meeting now through December 18, 10:00-10:45am. Join anytime.

Auditorium Front - Jeff Dye
Encounters with Jesus
Throughout Jesus' ministry, he encountered all types of people with all kinds of needs and in all seasons of life. In this study, we will look at some of those encounters as they are presented in the Gospel of John, and consider how they can help us encounter Jesus with the needs we have and the lives we live.

Auditorium Rear - Kyle Brice
History of the Bible
How did we get the Bible? Well that's easy....God gave it to us! Yea, but there's actually a lot more to the story than that. This class will walk through the 3000-year history of how the books of the Bible came to be, and how they traveled from Israel to the entire world.

Upstairs Youth Room - Jerry Crosby and Craig Thomas
For Parents & Teens
iChurch: Walking together with God, each other, and technology
We will focus on the struggles we have with modern electronics, the benefits they bring, and being honest about the pitfalls. It will be informational and participatory, helping us build guidelines around electronics personally and for family units - all with the purpose of growing closer to God and one another.